Kitakyushu is selected as "Green Asia International Strategic Comprehensive Special Zone" and "Kitakyushu Environmental Future City". Green Asia International Strategic Comprehensive Special Zone is backboned by Green Innovation and Asia Economic Strategy. It aims to improve the competitiveness of environmental-focused businesses, and finally expand its businesses from Asia to the whole world. In the future, Kitakyushu will make full use of the special priority and supports on taxes and financial from the government, thus achieving the goal of "Green Asia International Strategic Comprehensive Special Zone". Detail
    1. Industries and Technologies
    2. Industries and TechnologiesEnvironmental Protection
      In the 1960s, with the rapid and prosperous development of the Japanese economy, Kitakyushu became one of the top four developed industrial areas in Japan. However, air and water pollution associated with this industrial development was prevalent in the city.
    1. Geographical Advantages
    2. Geographical AdvantagesWith a population of approximately one million, Kitakyushu is an international metropolis located in the northernmost region of Kyushu, Japan. It is situated mid-way between Tokyo and Shanghai, which is also near several other countries. Located in a strategic position on the south side of the Kanmon Straits, Kitakyushu is an important transportation hub for traffic moving between Honshu and Kyushu.
    1. Tourism and Culture
    2. Tourism and CultureAs the metropolitan center of Kitakyushu, Kokura has been famous for its outstanding castle architectural since the Edo period.
      The Kokura Castle was initially constructed by Hosokawa Tadaoki in 1602 (Keicho 7)
    1. Human Resource
    2. Human ResourceKitakyushu has a population of approximately one million. When totaling its inhabitants along with those from neighboring cities that are within commuting distance, the population estimate doubles to two million. In addition, there are about 8,000 people from other prefectures of Kyushu who travel to the Fukuokan prefecture. Hence, Kitakyushu is rich in human resources.
    1. Logistics and Transportation Network
    2. Logistics and Transportation NetworkKitakyushu is a hub of international ferry services which also offers an abundance of air transportation and a considerable rail transport network, all complemented with highways and surface streets.
      Air transport
      To Tokyo: 1.5 hours
    1. Famous Enterprises in Kitakyushu
    2. Famous Enterprises in KitakyushuThe Shabondama Soap Group was founded in 1968, and has developed into one of the select few Japanese manufacturers specializing in producing natural soaps that are additive-free. Our non-additive soap products are popular in Shanghai, Taiwan, Korea and also in many other areas and countries. Visitors to our factory are welcome to watch the raw materials and production processes that we use to make our high quality, non-additive soaps.
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