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Geographical Advantages

Area: 487.88 square kilometers
Population: 982,805 (as of October, 2009)
Foreign residents: 11,846 (as of September, 2009)
Sister cities: Tacoma, Washington, United States (Since 1959);
Norfolk, Virginia, United States (Since 1959);
Dalian, China (Since 1979)
Incheon, South Korea (Since 1988)
(City of KITAKYUSHU:http://www.city.kitakyushu.lg.jp)

Advantageous geographic location: The entrance point from Japan to other Asian countries.

With a population of approximately one million, Kitakyushu is an international metropolis located in the northernmost region of Kyushu, Japan. It is situated mid-way between Tokyo and Shanghai, which is also near several other countries. Located in a strategic position on the south side of the Kanmon Straits, Kitakyushu is an important transportation hub for traffic moving between Honshu and Kyushu. With its advantageous geographic location, Kitakyushu is a popular international trade center in Japan and a key point of entry from Japan to many other Asian countries. It is also an important industrial base in Japan.

Allow its citizens to live superior quality life

Kitakyushu offers complete public service facilities to provide its citizens a higher standard of living. Water supply facilities provide potable water with a daily supply capability of 769,000 m3 and an industrial water supply system with a daily supply capability of 254,000 m3. With readily available water, Kitakyushu is ranked third in all of Japan for the most affordable drinking water.

One of the few top ranked industrial bases in Japan

In Kitakyushu in 1901, the Yawata Iron & Steel Company, the largest steel plant in Japan, was established. This promoted the development of the steelmaking, chemical, metal and ceramic industries of the area, and Kitakyushu became a supply center for many types of vital materials. Kitakyushu is now one of the Top Four Industrial Bases in Japan and continues to play an important part in Japan's continuing industrial development.

Research and development of advanced technologies

In response to the ever-increasing need for automation in the automobile industry, Kitakyushu has developed the industrial robot, IC related products, and other applicable technologies. Through cooperation with many enterprises, academic institutes and governments, as well as the talents from other industries, Kitakyushu is capable of rapid product advancement and development in step with other hi-tech international markets.

A safe and comfortable low risk city; offers peace of mind

Though Japan does have seismic activity, Kitakyushu is located in an area that is not prone to earthquakes. There are also vast water resources here, so it is a low-risk place to live, which is why it is a preferred production base location for many industries.

A city with low risk of earthquakes and disasters, suited to business. Kitakyushu has a 110 year long history as an industrial city.

Earthquakes pose a large risk to economic activity. However, considering past data, earthquakes are rare Kitakyushu city and there are hardly any tsunamis, which are caused by earthquakes. Kitakyushu city is geographically remote from the plate boundaries where earthquakes occur, so it is thought that it is less likely for earthquakes to occur.    More ...